Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Specific Hero Combos and Item Tips

Tinker Laning
Tinker Laning
Harass as usual until the target is half HP.
When he's half hp charge at him.
Laser to make him red, a little animation-cancel walk, and the imba range of missile ensures a kill.

Before you missile, make sure to have a good angle so that the fog won't make you miss.
And don't do too much skills during harassing or else he will be red then return to base without you having any skills to finish him off.

Nevermore Razing
Nevermore Razing
When harassing in a lane, be sure to use the second one first, so that whether he attacks or retreats, you will hit a second time.
Or when theyre in front of you,do first then when they run then that's the time you (in order) use the other razes.

Distance tips:
First one is melee range
Second is about a ranged hero's range
Third is about from your Druid of the Talon to the enemies Necromancer/vice versa.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DOTA Cheats for Single Player

To all DOTA players, here are some of the cheats you can use for single player mode.

-gold xxxx